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Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Британское агентство гражданской авиации (UK CAAi) приступила к оказанию технического содействия «Авиационной администрации Казахстана»

UKCAAi started providing technical support to the «Aviation administration of Kazakhstan»

On October 21-25, initial visit of the СAAi experts will take place as a part of the technical support agreement to adopt British aviation regulatory model. During the phase one, regulatory experts from UK CAAi will assist to review Kazakhstan’s primary legislation and propose ways to further incorporate EASA/EU provisions and alignments with the UK CAAi model.

A joint project group of foreign and domestic experts in different areas of aviation administration (flight operations, airworthiness, airfields and ground services, air navigation, aviation security, aviation legislation, work with aviation personnel) has been established. In the project group: Peter Griffiths – General director of «Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan» JSC, Rob Erskine – Head of International Operations Asia Pacific CAAi,

Graham Wheeler – Head of International Technical Resource CAAi, Dan Edwards - Senior Policy Analyst CAAi, specialists of Civil Aviation Committee and Aviation administration of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of the project group will be held introductory presentations and seminars, as well as meetings with representatives of "Air Astana", "Scat", "Kazaviaspas", the Academy of Civil Aviation, airports, and air navigation to explain the previous changes.

Anamnesis: on October 7, 2019, a contract was signed between the International CAA and the Aviation administration of Kazakhstan on providing technical support to adopt British aviation regulatory model. The new regulatory system will support Kazakhstan’s air transportation sector growth and provide a foundation for Kazakhstan’s aviation industry to become a world player. Оver the past 1.5 years, the Civil Aviation Committee has developed and introduced the appropriate amendments to the basic law of civil aviation and 61 by-laws and normative legal acts. The branch controller flight safety "Aviation administration of Kazakhstan" will provide control and oversight at the highest international level, creating the basis for sustainable development of civil aviation and enhance the attractiveness of Air transit through Kazakhstan.

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